TSD-830 Auto Blade bending machine

TSD-830 Auto Blade bending machine
TSD-830 Auto Blade bending machine

TSD-830 Auto Blade bending machine(图1)

TSD-830 Auto Blade bending machine(图2)

TSD-830 Auto Blade bending machine(图3)

TSD-830 Auto Blade bending machine(图4)

TSD-830 Auto Blade bending machine(图5)

TSD-830 Auto Blade bending machine(图6)

Functions and Usage

b) Panasonic Servo motor system + Ball-screw guiderail in design, eradicate skidding and dislocated.

d) In order to guarantee precision and long-life span, transmission and control parts are imported

f) Fully English & Chinese interface, easy to learn how to operate, make bending work easy.

h) It’s widely used in sticker die…etc..

Packing info for refer


Carton Size(M)

Package Q'ty


G.W. (KGS)

Total CBM (M³)


L1.95 x W0.7 x H1.25





1. Turn on air compressor
2. Turn on air compressor switch ( pressure range 6-8kg/CM2)
3. Turn on power source and computer
4.Turn on TSD bending software
5. Bending machine reposition and back cutting feed

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